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Alex De Rosa

& the Real Brains Behind Jog Your Memory
Just call him: Al
Sometimes referred to as: Alex The Likeable (Are you beginning to like him already?)
Current fixed address: Port Elliot, Australia
Where he rolls: Out of bed
How he rolls: Jogging
JYM Status: Old Dog Learning New Tricks
Interests: Roman History, Italian Cooking, Latin, Writing Songs, Playing Guitar, Being a Dad.
To Do Lists: British Prime Ministers, Roman Emperors, Dog Breeds, Grape Varieties
Doing Lists: Chemical Elements, Best Picture Oscars, The Skeletal System
Done Lists: British Monarchs, US Presidents, Aussie PMs, Cards, Capital Cities, The Bard’s Plays
Why he loves being in the JYM: It gives him a frisson of excitement when he can recall whatever he's learnt whenever he wants to!
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Catherine Moller

Co-founder & JYMsmith
Just call her: Cat
Sometimes referred to as:
A nag.
Current Fixed Address: Port Elliot, Australia
Where she rolls: The Encounter Bay Bike Track
How she rolls: Jogging, ideally forward.
JYM Status: Up to Waist, Yet to Dive In
Interests: Not Renovating, Bush-walking, Nature, English Literature, History, the Brain, Being a Mum.
To Do Lists: British Prime Ministers, Aussie PMs, Horse Breeds, Cheeses of Europe, Italian Wine Regions
Doing Lists: The Skeletal System, Capital Cities of African Countries
Done Lists: US Presidents, Best Picture Oscars
Why she loves being in the JYM:
Because she loves a bit of fun on the run.

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A little long-winded history About Jog Your Memory

That Random Memory Guy

In 2008, while living in the UK, Alex saw a documentary on tv about extraordinary people with extraordinary abilities. He was amazed by all the people in the show but was most impressed by the memory guy who briefly explained his use of mnemonic devices (memory techniques) to remember just about anything! Impressed as Alex was he was also quick to attribute it to memory guy’s special ability and quickly forgot all about it and moved on with life...

The Celebrity Mind-Reader

...A short time later, Alex got to see the ‘sold-out’ Derren Brown show, Enigma, in London. The show was very entertaining and Alex was again astounded by Mr Brown’s special abilities particularly as they were pulled-off live on stage without the magic of editing. Alex was mesmerised.

The Book that Fuelled the Spark

About a week later, Alex came across Derren Brown’s book, ‘Tricks of the Mind’. Alex bought the book immediately. The book explained in broad terms the secrets behind Derren’s tricks and Alex was very surprised to find that amongst the obvious techniques of misdirection, illusion, suggestibility, hypnosis and general trickery, woven seamlessly throughout, is the use of mnemonic devices.

Mahna Mahna

There was that phrase again, ‘mnemonic devices’. To Alex it sounded like a collection of medieval torturing tools, to Catherine it sounded like a song from The Muppet Show. This time, however, Alex’s conscious mind did what it does naturally when confronted with something it knows, even only a little, about. It showed interest.

The book gave Alex some insight into mnemonics and sparked not only his curiosity but myriad possibilities. He began researching the subject more deeply and found that, with a little effort, he was able, not only to quite easily perform impressive memory stunts to impress his colleagues at work, but also to find interesting uses for his newly gained skill that he could use towards his own learning and growing.

More Please

During this voyage of mnemonic discovery, Alex and his wife and kids were living in Windsor in the UK. Surrounded by castles, old pubs and royal walks Alex became very interested English history. Like most armchair historians, the names, places and dates would fascinate him while he was reading about, and soaking up, all this great history but would then slip away from his memory a short time after. It was also around this time that he was becoming interested in mnemonics. As interesting and fun as it was to recall hundreds of nouns and numbers to impress his family and workmates, he was losing interest in performing these stunts...until he tried applying his memory skills to his new interest in English history.

History on the Run

In Windsor, Alex would regularly jog a circuit that began at his front door and took him on a scenic journey along both sides of the River Thames. Employing and combining some newly learnt mnemonic devices, specifically ‘memory loci’ and the ‘major system’, he distributed mnemonic markers along his route to represent the English monarchs from William the Conqueror right up to Elizabeth II. Alex quickly learnt all forty-two monarchs and their years of accession. Now he found that when he was reading histories or visiting historic locations he was making enhanced connections on many levels. He could piece together places and names and had chronological reference point to events in England and further afield. Being a tourist became immeasurably more pleasant as his understanding and learning grew far beyond what the original list alone offered. The original spark of recognition had been fanned into a ball of fire and his thirst for knowledge grew.

Sowing The Seeds

Alex’s idea for ‘Jog Your Memory’ came about during this time of jogging and learning English history. Responding to the constant and popular reminder of the body-mind connection, he thought about creating a learning platform where jogging (or walking, running, riding) and mnemonics could be combined to create a healthy mind in a healthy body. But just as quickly as the seed for “Jog Your Memory” was planted was it almost as quickly forgotten about as the big move back to Australia arrived, and all the distracting logistics that came with it. The seed was inadvertantly buried and watering would have to wait.

From Little Thoughts Big Ideas Grow

Back and settled in Oz, Alex began a new career in training and started thinking more and more about Jog Your Memory. He believed the techniques he had used back in the UK could assist his students with their own learning. Encouraged by the growing popularity of online learning he resurrected the idea of JYM. He started researching the subject of Memory Training on line and in books. What he found was a lot of information that was difficult to understand, poorly presented and more focussed on “brain training” than memory techniques. But it would still be a few more years before Jog Your Memory would be brought to life.

From Nursery to Forest

The partnership of Alex’s jogs around Windsor and his newly crafted mnemonic skills became a match made in heaven. And now, after five years of watering and nurturing, the long ago planted seed has finally sprouted into a fine new learning system we like to call, Jog Your Memory. We hope you dig it as much as we do!