Apr 3, 2016



Warning: this blog contains sexual references, so read on!

So welcome to the first blog created on the official Jog Your Memory website…none of that Medium nonsense for us (it’s not really nonsense, it’s a great, erm, medium for blogging). But we’re going maverick. It’s a big borderless frontier out here in the clouds, so well done you for finding us and well done us for putting ourselves out there to be found. May we all have a fun and flippant, yet mutually fruitful, relationship while it all lasts.

The inimitable Douglas Adams once said about trying to get The Hitchhiker’s Guide to The Galaxy made into a film,”The Hollywood process is like trying to grill a steak by having a succession of people coming into the room and breathing on it.” Douglas Adams was brilliant. He is one of my top five fantasy dinner party guests. Anyway, my point is that trying to develop an app in today’s over-apped global technology market is like opening the flood gates of a dam to try and fill a thimble with a drop of water!

When Alex and I first started talking about making an app, we weren’t just blowing hot air up each others’ things. We were in earnest. From almost the very start. The thing we were not, was informed. Meh, how hard can it be to make an app? We had the time, some savings and a kick-ass idea…we just needed a developer. Pfft. How naïve we were. Almost 12 months down the track towards making the JYM app and we’re still a way off from the finish line. In fact, I am convinced, even when the app is finally designed, coded, built, released, marketed and firing on all cylinders, the finish line will have moved ahead of us. Why do you think companies such as Facebook, Google and ebay are enterprises? Consumers keep changing the goalposts…making the gap narrower…and the goal harder to get. But I digress. Digressing is in my top ten lists of things I do when I write. The other big thing I do when I write is clean the house. I’ve heard that’s a common one.

So this app venture has been kind of like what I would like to compare to a swingers’ party. The only thing is, I have never been to a swingers’ party, have read very little about them, nothing actually, and I may be completely wrong in my comparison. Regardless, to hell with authenticity, let’s see if I can’t make you understand that this journey has felt like getting up close and intimate with a whole lot of really cool strangers!

Conceiving the Concept

When Alex and I started discussing making an app, like for real, not just in a wine-tainted chit chat over dinner kind of way, we thought we had it all in the bag when a friend gave us a name of a website developer and we actually made a phone call to that real life website developer. We even scheduled a proper meeting. Oh boy oh boy, our JYM Online Course and App wasn’t just a twinkle in our eyes anymore, we were actually going to jump into bed and conceive our concept!

Who Knew Making An App Could Be So Fun…And Take So Long!

So off we went and had sex, so to speak. It was to be like a swingers’ party (I imagine). First we met Yuki, the Kick-Ass Website Developer. We just love him because he has built our lovely website, and not only that, he’s tailored a very nice CMS for us using WordPress (CMS stands for Content Management System. You’re welcome). But before we even got to the website, Yuki had to first introduce us to Hannah. Hannah, the Extraordinary Graphic Designer, Illustrator and Artist who makes EVERYTHING she touches look superb! She’s the creative genius behind our branding and design. God, who had even thought about that before Alex and I had jumped into this bed! Hannah then introduced us to Teresa, she’s an intergalactic firecracker (Freelance Digital Specialist & Consultant) who made Alex and I go where we’ve never been before. She made us do this explorative breakout journey thing into the outer reaches of our minds. All so we could talk about JYM in a way that people like her could understand! Teresa then put us in touch with Vasilii. Turns out Vasilii is some kind of App Consultant/Developer/Coding God from Moldova. All I can tell you is that I dream about Vasilii quite regularly, even though we have never met in real life. I think that sums up how I feel about him! (Hey, Vasilii, if you’re reading this, not to worry, Alex knows!) Ok, just to steer you straight, Alex and I both think Vasilii is just about the smartest person we have ever met. We are on love with his brain. (I’m also in love with his ridiculously wonderful Russian accent and how he laughs at my great witticisms. He is truly a genius.)

The supremely talented and knowledgeable Hannah, the brains behind the brains behind our little jogging guy.

It has all been rather exciting and uplifting for a couple of quadragenarians, meeting all these people under thirty who know more about digital inner and outer space than anyone we’d ever met in our lives.

So here we are, almost 12 months down the track and Jog Your Memory isn’t quite ready to be “born” yet but we have managed to make it a twinkle in your eye, a colourful twinkle which we hope will make you take your clothes off and put your active wear on.

What’s Next?

What’s next you ask? Well let me tell you. More hard work. More research. More networking and more learning. And eventually, more money.

We are about to send out a Call to Interest to a number of developers who have caught our eye. We want to know whether they are interested in developing the Jog Your Memory App and whether they are interested in receiving the full blown Project Vision so they can quote on it for us. This document isn’t for the feint-hearted, it isn’t frilly or fun. It’s our chromatic vision of JYM turned into the sort of stuff digital experts, development teams and coders can sink their fingers into. It’s exciting stuff, if that kind of stuff excites you!

Once we have the top quotes that align with the Jog Your Memory concept we’re just going to have to run with it. This means a number of styles might be considered depending on the financial outlay required.

-We’ll sprint until we pass out (throw everything we’ve got at it until we run out of money).

-Take a nice’n’slow shuffle for a long run (budget for a long-term dev plan).

-Make a coffee and take a seat (look into start up\crowd funding, partnering, or begging\borrowing\stealing).

In the meantime, we jog, we blog, we learn.

by Cat from Jog Your Memory


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