Walter Melon Exterior 06.09.17


Our brilliant idea has been on hold for over a year now. In that time we have put any money that we had into opening a new small business in a beautiful coastal town in SA. Why did we do... Read more

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Warning: this blog contains sexual references, so read on! So welcome to the first blog created on the official Jog Your Memory website…none of that Medium nonsense for us (it’s not really nonsense, it’s a great, erm, medium for blogging).... Read more

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Go mamma go!

My darling mum walks for a living. That’s not quite right. She is retired. What my mum does, is walk for her life. That’s right. My mum, 75 years on this planet, could easily have walked its circumference, were it... Read more

Photo is for illustrative purposes only. This is not actually me, if it was actually me I would look a lot worse for wear, though, don’t forget, I’d be feeling absolutely ecstatic on the inside. 18.08.15

Thinking On My Feet

I am not an everyday jogger but I am a keen one. I may not fit in with the “fellow” (I use the term loosely) runners who fly past me on the Tan and leave me spinning in their dust... Read more

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Why I’m Turning My Partner Into An App

For the last five years when I go out for a jog with my partner, Alex, he barks out seemingly random lists of names, images, dates, numbers and historical facts at me. In the last few months we’ve been out... Read more