Jul 22, 2019

Clichéd But True

“In a world of digital and technological interference, reading, writing and jogging are falling by the wayside.”

Time doesn’t fly, it disappears.

This line was written not quite a year ago.  I’d now, almost 12 months on, like to change it.

“In a world of everyday distractions, running a small business, closing a small business, nurturing a couple of fiesty teenagers, forging a new career path and staying positive in the face of adversity, or just life : learning and jogging fell by the wayside. Big time.”

So, four years on from launching our shiny new idea Jog Your Memory, I’m here to metaphorically dust it off, shake it out and turn it back and forth a few times while we work out what to do with it. Some of the sparkle has gone but pass us a rag, we have some elbow grease left in us yet.

Let’s get the hard stuff out of the way first.

Bricks and Mortar v JYM App (Result: 1-nil)

Cancer v Loved Ones (Result: nil-2)

Alzheimer v Dad (Result: 1-nil at extra time)

Jogging v Sitting on Butt (Result: 1-1)

The round up commentary goes something like this.

An App is out of the question for us to do on our own so we’ve decided to just put out the information and if anyone out there is interested in picking up the thread we have left dangling to complete the tapestry together, then, please, reach out, holler, cooo-eee. Many hands make light work, working together is FUN, the best things in life are free…but not kick-ass app production.

But at least we have a roof over our heads.

Cancer. What a sneaky, turmoil-inducing, malignant, microscopic beast. If you can beat cancer, pulverise it and move on. For those who can’t or didn’t, I have no words but love and sorrow. Modern medicine and cancer treatments are moving in leaps and bounds and maybe one day this disease will be history…


A parent with Alzheimers is like a forgetful childhood (and sometimes childish) friend. My dad is losing this battle. It’s a slow trudge of forgetting to the end. He is there, you can see him light up occasionally, like the car engine trying to start but just ticking over without sparking up. There’s so much fog, so many dark corners and stumbling blocks and the usual suspects (the ums and ahs and ands) keep pushing their way in at the expense of the right words. Sentences without proper beginnings, non-sensical ends, no subject, no object. It’s like listening to a sweet bird pretending it understands what it’s saying, ‘cept it’s my once well-spoken, well-read, smart dear old dad. Still. He smiles. I hope he is happy. He can’t say and I can’t really tell.

Now, do you want to know what makes everything seem a little bit better?

Simple, it’s getting off your butt, even better than getting off your face. No hangover or comedown. You go for a jog, or a walk, or a shuffle, or a ride and you get a little natural high. High on life, clichéd but true (cbt)

You get fresh air (cbt), you get blood pumping through your veins (cbt), you get sun/wind/rain on your face and it all feels good (cbt), you work up a sweat and feel alive (cbt- even if you feel half-dead to begin with), you just feel good about getting up and getting out (cbt). But don’t take it from me, don’t believe a word I say, don’t be fooled, don’t be shy, don’t be retiring, don’t be reactive, don’t be a dill. Just do. Do do do do doooooo.


Just do.



And that’s all the preaching about practicing that I have for you after a year.


Just Do Something.


And Jog Your Memory while you’re do-do-do-do-doing it.


Watch this space for Lesson One – coming sooner rather than in 12 months time.


Cat, Doing Something, July 2019




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