Aug 18, 2015

Thinking On My Feet

Photo is for illustrative purposes only. This is not actually me, if it was actually me I would look a lot worse for wear, though, don’t forget, I’d be feeling absolutely ecstatic on the inside.

I am not an everyday jogger but I am a keen one. I may not fit in with the “fellow” (I use the term loosely) runners who fly past me on the Tan and leave me spinning in their dust (like a Looney Tunes cartoon character) or those others who jog past me in leaps and bounds like gazelles over an invisible canyon at each pace. I may appear to any onlooker as if I’m dragging my feet a little too much and like I’m breathing a little too heavily for comfort. Indeed I am, I know I am. But I am improving.
When I “jog” (another term loosely used on me) I’ll have you know that physically I am doing all I can to not stop, or to not roll backwards when going up hill, but mentally, mentally, I’m on fire! Beneath that exterior of pain and puffering, on the inside I’m actually jumping for joy and punching the sky.
And it’s all to do with working out my mind. While I’m on the jog I am thinking on my feet, solving the world’s problems, planning my life, and going over things in a way that I can’t do when I’m sitting still. Going for a jog is like tuning into my favourite radio station. Sometimes it’s Radio Me, sometimes it’s Pun Runner Radio, sometimes it’s Radio J.Y.M. I’m like a shuffling (as in Cliff Young) radiohead. If I’m not tuned in to reeling off American Presidents or (more lately) Academy Award winning films at specific markers along my path, then I’m tuned into some other all consuming aspect of my life, the universe and everything.
Jogging gives me time to think. It is my time to think. It helps me clear my mind or fill it. I can tune in or drop out as I please. It’s like the rush of blood to the head is clearing out the pipes and laying down some new tracks. It may be physically taxing but it’s just so mentally stimulating that I feel the weight of the world lifting from my shoulders (I wish I could say the same about my thighs, buttocks and stomach). So while I’m perspiring on the outside like I’ve run through a sprinkler, my mind is sweating the small stuff, the big stuff and everything in between. I am my brain’s own self-cleansing sauna, my own spiritual day spa. Cogito in jogito ergo sum. “I think on the jog, therefore I am.”
So if you see the likes of me on your jogging, walking or cycling track, I may appear to be taking the piss, I may be wearing dirty white sneakers from a bygone era or a t-shirt made from natural fibres. But don’t dismiss me as a novice, dabbler, hipster or misfit, because do you know what I really am? I’m a try hard (like, in a good way). And that’s not such a bad thing. I’m trying hard to improve my fitness, to improve my mind, body and soul.
So give me a nod as you soar past me or tip your cap as you leap over me. I’m on the track to improve myself too, I’m just taking my time about it as I stop to smell the roses (catch my breath) every so often. And soon you really won’t be able to miss me as I’ll be sporting one of our new baby blue t-shirts with Jog Your Memory’s little running guy logo alerting you to the fact that I am not just shuffling, I’m actually thinking on my feet and learning on the jog.

by Cat from Jog Your Memory

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