Aug 6, 2015

Why I’m Turning My Partner Into An App

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For the last five years when I go out for a jog with my partner, Alex, he barks out seemingly random lists of names, images, dates, numbers and historical facts at me. In the last few months we’ve been out so often and so consistently I can now reel off the names of the 44 American Presidents in their chronological order. So you see, his mutterings aren’t random at all.
Now Alex isn’t on any kind of spectrum that I’m aware of (not officially anyway) but he does have a penchant for history and has also taught himself the art of memorising (a nod to Derren Brown and Tony Buzan here). So what he has done is bring a few of his favourite things together (yes, very much like Julie Andrews); Memory Techniques, History/Trivia and Jogging in the same way as Rhythm and Melody…and Lyrics work together. Only different.
So Alex takes me out on our regular jogs (after filling his mind with all sorts of important trivia) and shares his knowledge with me. He literally jogs his memory while jogging mine as I’m jogging (shuffling) along side him.
So, like I said, I can now reel off the 44 American Presidents in order. It makes for an interesting jog in the park, and a great trick at the pub. But now I’m ready for more so Alex, my Human App, is teaching me each president’s dates in office…but first I’m locking in some visuals that will jog my memory when I soon learn how to more easily recall numbers (technically part of the so-called Major System). So for the moment, for example, I’ve got Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt and George W. Bush scattered around The Tan running track in Melbourne, Australia, all wearing a tie in the style of AC/DC’s Angus Young’s school boy get up, and I’ve got John Adams and William McKinley playing with their pet pigs. Funny thing is, I didn’t even know that these last two were American Presidents, I’d never heard of them before (they are Presidents number two and 25, respectively). But now, if I hear a whisper of a mention of an American President’s name, my ears prick up and I pay attention. I want to know more because I already know a bit. That’s the beauty of jogging your memory and that’s why I’m turning Alex into an App.

by Cat from Jog Your Memory

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